Our Services

We work with Hardwood Floor Installation and refinish service.

* New floors:

- Installation of all types of hardwood floor: pre-finished, unfinished, laminate, and engineered hardwoods
- Sanding
- Finishing/Refinishing
- Staining
- Baseboard installation
- Customizing borders and inlays

* Existing floors:

- Buffering
- Re-sanding and refinishing existing hardwood floors
- All types of repairs: replacing of single damaged solids, replacing of small and large damaged areas of floor, replacing of thresholds
- Dont mind to remove old carpets, laminates, tiles, and vinyl. 

We are fully licensed and insured hardwood flooring contractors serving the state of Massachusetts.

We can do any type of hardwood floor sanding, installation, or repair. Our professional craftsman can sand and finish with standard custom colors to match your specifications. We offer a wide range of services to make your buying experience convenient and worry free.