“So, Paulo has decided to NOT respond to his reprehensible behavior when he exhibited road rage towards me in Woburn and said he “Didn’t give a F*ck’ that my 5 year old was in the vehicle. I will make sure I share his indecency with everyone I meet in the community so they can make an informed judgement on who they do business with. Hopefully they will reject this inhuman creature. I gave Paulo every opportunity to respond, he chose depravity. Thank you Paulo for making your decision. It shows the person you are inside. Have the days you deserve my friend. I will make sure folks know how indecent you are. Bye for now. ”.
(Concerened Citizen).
“Here is the email I tried to send to the owner, but got a failed to send message because email doesn’t exist. To Whom it may concern, I am writing this email whoever has the decency to formally apologize for the reprehensible behavior I was subjected to today by a driver that I believe was the owner, Paulo Sergio Garbari, based off of a picture I took of his vehicle and compared to various social media sites. The driver pulled up next to my truck, what seemed to be an attempt to force me into another lane. I told him he was going to hit my truck and that my 5 year old was in the truck and he said, at least 3 times, “I don’t give a fuck.” I told him it was a disgusting thing to say and he repeated it again. My husband and I were shocked and disgusted. I called the police in Woburn and Malden and personally went to the precinct in Stoneham to make formal complaints. Imagine a person with the audacity to say that foul thing to a mother about her child IN HIS OWN COMPANY TRUCK. The shear disgrace of it all. I have 22K+ Twitter followers who I engage regularly as they do with me. I am compelled to share this experience with them. I still haven't made up my mind. I also have a large following on Facebook and other social media sites. We all have bad days. I understand. But, this was absolutely disgraceful. I hope I receive a humane and decent response. Concerned Citizen ”.
(Concerened Citizen).
“My Goodness! I tried to send an email to make a formal complaint and the email on this website doesn’t exist! What kind of business is this????????”.
(Concerned Citizen).
(Concerened Citizen).
“Paulo tried to run my Truck off the road. When I said my 5 year old was in the vehicle his exact words were “I don’t give a F*ck.” He said it repeatedly as I told him that was a disgusting thing to say. I am disgusted and would never give this man my business. NEVER. NO COMPASSION. NO DECENCY. ”.
(Concerned Citizen ).
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